New Year, New Process, New Music!

Well, a new year has begun with all its hopes and challenges still head. I spent last year largely in taking stock of the ways in which I was handling my music, and I also composed several new songs which culminated in the release of my most recent album, “In Ten Thousand Places: Where Hillis Meets Hopkins,” just last month. So far, it has been well-received and it’s available from this very site in digital format if you wish to purchase it. You don’t even need to have iTunes or Google Play! However, if you do use these stores and other online digital music retailers, you can of course purchase my music from them if you like.

During the process of recording this album, I realized that I thoroughly enjoy the work of producing and editing music, and I am eager to do more of it as this year progresses. With the help of a new microphone which is almost a tiny recording studio in its own rite, I think it’s a safe bet that more music will be available for sale before the year is out. I have decided to adopt a process which I hope will see recording of some sort almost always occurring, as well as leaving the time necessary to create new music. In this way, albums will simply appear over time, and there will hopefully be no more long lapses between new projects. Instead, the music itself will be an ongoing project and will produce albumes and possibly singles in a more organic fashion which fits my personality and my desire for simplicity and an ongoing flow of creativity quite well. My new philosophy is: music begets music. So, whether I’m recording or composing or performing, it will all feed into itself and will hopefully allow me to stretch myself as a musician with every new experience.

IN closing, I hope that 2015 will be a year filled with song and joy, and I hope you’ll come along with me on this new journey, which I hope will be made up of equal parts creativity and productivity. May all the best be yours in this new year!

Musically yours,

Sara Hillis

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