Buy “In Flanders Fields” for the Canadian Red Cross

This page is devoted to an initiative that I began on November 11, 2016. If you purchase a download of my musical setting of “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae for CAD $1.29, a dollar of the money you spend will go to support the efforts of the Canadian Red Cross to relieve suffering both in Canada and around the world. The rest of the purchase price goes to pay the per-transaction fee for the download service that I use. Here you can preview the song and purchase it via PayPal. You can use your PayPal account as well as a credit or Visa debit card if you wish.

This poem is very special to all Canadians and to many people around the world as a mark of remembrance for fallen soldiers in war-time, but I believe it has a lot to say about the search for peace in our troubled world. The foe that McCrae mentions need not be the enemy on the battlefield. It could also refer to the enemey that we all have hidden in our hearts,Red Cross tries to counter that enemy, taking up the torch of aid and comfort, and I think that using my setting of this poem to benefit others via this organization is the most logical thing I can do.

I will not be taking tax deductions for these donations or in any way profiting from the sale of this song. Thanks for your support and for making this initiative a success. Maybe together, we can help relieve the suffering of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters one song at a time.

Purchase “In Flanders Fields” and support the Canadian Red Cross!

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